PURELL 800 ml ACCENT System

PURELL 800 ml Accent System
PURELL ® 800 ml hand sanitizing gel refills and the ACCENT 800 ml dispenser
  • The PURELL 800 ml bag-in-box system is one of the longest-serving presentations of the product in gel format.
  • Now uses the ADVANCED formulation.
  • Uses the 800 ml ACCENT manually-operated dispenser ref 9037, shown below.

PURELL MSDS information can be downloaded by using this link: http://www.gojo.com/en-GB/SDS

HELPLINE 01384 671505

QUANTITY DISCOUNTS APPLY Price per case of 12 refills
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PURELL Advanced 800 ml refill 9657-12 for Accent dispenser

PURELL ADVANCED hand sanitising gel 800 ml refills for Accent manual wall-mounted dispenser ref 9037

PURELL Hygienic Hand Rub (hand sanitizer gel)

  • No water, no towels required - product evaporates dry leaving the hands bacteria-free.
  • Specially formulated with moisturisers to leave hands feeling soft and refreshed.
  • Yeasticidal in accordance with EN 1275.
  • Conforms to EN1500, EN1040 and EN 12054

For use only in Star White Accent 800 ml bag-in-box dispenser ref 9037 shown below 

Dispenser not included in the pack.

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GOJO 800 ml Accent dispenser ref 9037
GOJO Accent 800 ml manual soap dispenser ref 9037 - wall-mounted.

The GOJO ACCENT Star White Soap Dispenser accepts the 800ml bag-in-box refills of PURELL and GOJO Accent  industrial range products (but not NXT-type refills).

Refill NOT included.

Dimensions: H 28.0 cm x W 14.5 cm x D 13.0 cm.