PURELL FMX Hand Sanitising Foam

PURELL FMX System group
PURELL ® Advanced Hand Sanitising Foam and VF481 Hand Sanitizing Gel, both antiviral formulations, for the FMX Manually-Operated Dispenser system.
  • The PURELL FMX foam system provides significantly more doses than traditional liquid dispensers.
  • Air is infused into the product as it is dispensed, creating bulk.
  • One push delivers a generous portion of foam - enough to satisfying users' hands so they needn't take a second push.
  • Uses a 1200 ml PURELL refill cartridge.
  • Features a 'skylight' with an extra large site window 

PURELL MSDS information can be downloaded by using this link: http://www.gojo.com/en-GB/SDS

HELPLINE 01384 671505
Get 1 FREE FMX dispenser with every pack of three FMX refills
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PURELL ADVANCED Hand Sanitising Foam in a pack of 3 x 1200 ml refills for use only in the FMX manually operated dispenser.

FOAMING version of PURELL ADVANCED for the FMX manual foam dispensing system.

Do not confuse this product with that for the TFX automatic dispenser - it won't fit!

Get 1 FREE FMX dispenser with every case of FMX refills
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PURELL Antiviral Hand Sanitizing Gel in a pack of 3 x 1200 ml refill for use only in the FMX manually-operated dispenser.

Clinically proven to be effective against human norovirus.

  • Virucidal according to EN 14476
  • Bactericidal according to EN 1040 and prEN 13727
  • Fungicidal and Yeasticidal according to EN1275
  • Tuberculocidal according to EN14348
  • Conforms with EN 1500

Not a stock item. Available to special order only.

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PURELL FMX dispenser ref 5129
The PURELL FMX is a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser for PURELL Foam and VF481 Antiviral formulations.
  • The PURELL FMX manual dispenser ref 5129 is compact and fits ideally into small areas.
  • Refill NOT included

GOJO Drip Shield for FMX foam soap dispensers.

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PURELL FMX dispenser drip tray ref 5145

The clip-on Shield is a drip tray that will protect walls and floors from spillage.

For use only only with GOJO/PURELL FMX 1250 ml foamer dispensers ref 5157-06.

Available singly. Price is per single item.