GOJO Accent Range Liquid Soaps

The GOJO Accent range of liquid soaps and dispenser

The GOJO® ACCENT ™ 800 ml range of skin hygiene products incorporates

  • Antibacterial and lotion soaps in 800 ml refill bags,
  • PURELL Hand sanitizer 
  • GOJO Accent 800 ml manually-operated dispensers.

Since 1946, GOJO has been a leading manufacturer of hand hygiene and skin care products for healthcare, manufacturing, education, food processing, automotive and other professional markets. The products are formulated to clean hands, kill germs and help keep skin soft and healthy looking - even with frequent use

  • All GOJO products are unconditionally guaranteed for quality and satisfaction.

    Please note that dispensers are not included in the cost of refill packs.

    MSDS info can be download from manufacturers' web sites using an appropriate link box in "MSDS Data" tab at the top of every page.

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    GOJO Clear & Mild Lotion Soap ref 9103-06
    GOJO Clear & Mild Lotion Soap in a pack of 6 x 800 ml Refills, for GOJO Bag-in-Box Accent Dispenser.
    • Gentle, hypoallergenic lotion for frequent handwashing.
    • Dye and fragrance free.
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    GOJO Antimicrobial Lotion Soap - 800ml refils
    GOJO ANTIMICROBIAL LOTION SOAP ref 9758-06 in a pack of 6 x 800 ml refills for the Accent 800 ml dispenser ref 9037.
    Product description as above
    Use with 800ml litre ACCENT DISPENSER ref 9037 white (illustrated)
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    GOJO Lotion Hand Cleaner 800 ml ref 9112-06 for Accent dispenser
    GOJO Lotion Skin Cleanser in a pack of 6 x 800 ml refills for the Accent dispenser.
    • GOJO Lotion Skin Cleanser provides a rich, thick lather to clean hands effectively yet gently, so it is ideal for frequent use.
    • GOJO Lotion soap contains natural moisturisers to help keep hands soft and smooth.

    Use with 800 ml ACCENT DISPENSER only -  ref 9037 white (illustrated).
    Dispenser not included in pack.

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    GOJO 800 ml Accent dispenser ref 9037
    GOJO Accent 800 ml manual soap dispenser ref 9037 - wall-mounted.

    The GOJO ACCENT Star White Soap Dispenser accepts the 800ml bag-in-box refills of PURELL and GOJO Accent  industrial range products (but not NXT-type refills).

    Refill NOT included.

    Dimensions: H 28.0 cm x W 14.5 cm x D 13.0 cm.