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The OPUS brand comprises a range of industrial and commercial hand care products formulated using top quality raw materials that are arefully blended to confidently compete with the best products of their type.

  • The NEW Opus WORKFORCE range includes premium quality heavy duty beaded gels, pastes and creams that utilise either polymer beads, pumice, the eco-friendly ground walnut shell, or wood flour as scrubbing agents, according to need.
  • Also available are mild and efficient liquid hand cleansers, barrier creams and after-work restorative creams, all in a sensible selection of pack sizes and at sensible prices.
  • So please try these Opus Hand Care products and compare them with anything else on the market. Everybody will be impressed.
  • Please click on the images below to browse and, if you are tempted, to buy on-line the products available.

on most pack sizes - BEST VALUE BY FAR

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-MAIL sales@hand-cleaners.co.uk

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