Deb Stoko Solopol GrittyFOAM - 4 x 3.25 litre cartridges

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Case of 4 x 3.25 litre sealed cartridges for use in dedicated Solopol GrittyFOAM Dispenser GF3LDXEN

Deb Stoko Solopol GrittyFOAM is a new concept in medium to heavy duty hand cleansing, combining potent cleaning and scrubbing power with the softness of foam, resulting in a highly effective, easy-to-use and very gentle hand cleaner.

  • GrittyFOAM removes oils and greases, as well as most other ingrained industrial dirt and grime.
  • Deb GrittyFOAM Does not damage the skin.
  • GrittyFOAM leaves the hands clean, fresh, smooth and conditioned.
  • Moisturises - contains glycerin.
  • Formulated using renewable bio-based ingredients.
  • Provides up to 45% more hand washes per litre of product than traditional hand cleansers.
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