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Kresto Kolor ULTRA for removing dye - 4 x 2 litre refills

Deb Stoko
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Kresto Kolor Ultra (formerly Reduran/Kresto Colour) hand cleaner for the removal of inks and dyestuffs

Kresto Kolor Ultra (formerly Reduran/Kresto Colour) is a slightly alkaline, solvent-free and preservative-free hand cleaner in a paste-like suspension, for removing contamination caused by inks and dyestuffs which are reducible within the alkaline range, such as aniline and azo dyes, printing and copying inks, fruit and vegetable colourants.

For use with 2 litre Deb Cleanse Ultra dispenser ref ULT2LDPEN

Please note: these Deb 2 litre cartridges will NOT fit into the original 2 litre Stoko dispensers

  • Contains ASTOPON® scrubbing agent derived from the refined walnut shell powder.
  • Contains a reducing agent that converts dyestuffs into their uncoloured form, and then allows them to be washed off the skin.
  • Biodegradable

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