Opus CORAL BEADS Hand Cleaner - 15 litre pail
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Opus CORAL BEADS Hand Cleaner - 15 litre pail

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Opus Workforce CORAL BEADS - classic premium quality red beaded, heavy duty hand cleaning gel in a 15 litre pail.

CORAL BEADS is a medium to heavy duty beaded gel hand cleanser for industrial use.

  • Milled polymer beads facilitate the removal of oil, grease, printing inks, carbon black, and certain paints, without attacking the skin.
  • Opus CORAL BEADS red beaded gel is manufactured from top quality raw materials and contains no harsh chemicals.

Can be used with the Opus 2 litre BULK FILL (refillable) DISPENSER shown below


  • Does not de-fat the skin - keeps hands in great condition. 
  • Use Opus CORAL Beaded red beaded hand cleaning gel by rubbing well into the hands to lift ingrained soiling. Rinse off well with clean water then dry the hands properly. If water is not available remove the soiled gel with a clean rag, and rinse hands in water when next convenient.
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