Stoko Kresto Colour 250 ml tube

Stoko KRESTO COLOUR (was Reduran) hand cleaner for the removal of dyestuffs - 30 x 250 ml tube

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Stoko KRESTO COLOUR  hand cleaner for the removal of dyestuffs.

Stoko KRESTO COLOUR is a slightly alkaline, solvent-free and preservative-free hand cleaner in a paste-like suspension, for removing contamination caused by dyestuffs which are reducible within the alkaline range, such as aniline and azo dyes, printing and copying inks, fruit and vegetable colourants.

  • Contains ASTOPONĀ® scrubbing agent derived from the refined walnut shell powder.
  • Contains a reducing agent that converts dyestuffs into their uncoloured form, and then allows them to be washed off the skin.
  • Biodegradable