Stokosept Wash 250 mll bottle

STOKOSEPT WASH - 25 x 250 ml bottles

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STOKOSEPT® WASH (New formulation) Alcohol-free hand cleanser for food industry

STOKOSEPT® WASH is a non-alcohol hand cleanser formulated to provide an ultra-efficient hygienic hand wash.

For use in areas where high standards of hygiene are required, such as in the food industry, in nursing care centres, and kitchens and sanitary facilities where an alcohol-free hand cleaner is preferred.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Put 3ml of the undiluted product onto the palms, rub well in for 30 seconds. Work up a lather for 30 seconds using a little water. Thoroughly rinse off under running water. Dry hands.

  • User friendly bacterial reduction and hand cleansing in one go.
  • High antibacterial efficiency - EN 1499 compliant.
  • Does not irritate the skin even with frequent use.
  • Soap-free and alcohol-free
  • Good foaming properties.