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Stoko TRAVABON S CLASSIC Barrier Cream - 9 x 1000 ml Soft Bottle*

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Stoko TRAVABON S CLASSIC Barrier Cream  Heavy Duty Skin Protector Barrier Cream for use against water insoluble contaminants

  • Stoko TRAVABON S CLASSIC water-soluble Barrier Cream is for protecting your skin when working with water-insoluble workplace substances.
  • It contains a high proportion of the inorganic solid talc, which forms a physical protective layer on the skin.
  • This protective action has a particularly positive effect where skin comes into contact with organic solvents or substances containing solvents, as well as when working with metal-working oils not mixed with water and with glass fibre.

*Use STOKO VARIO dispenser with this bottle

  • Helps to stop stubborn types of dirt clinging to your skin.
  • Quickly and gently clean your skin.
  • Reduce the amount of skin cleanser required.
  • No longer essential to use special skin cleansers.
  • Enhanced protective action when handling oily workplace substances.
  • Helps stop dirt clinging to the skin (e.g. resins).
  • Good skin compatibility.
  • Minimises the risk of dry skin.
  • No adverse effects when coating surfaces.
  • Greater safety when handling water-insoluble workplace substances