OPUS PLAUDIT HD hand cleaner - 25 litre drum

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Opus Workforce PLAUDIT - engineers' heavy duty smooth liquid hand cleaner in a 25 litre drum.


  • Opus PLAUDIT is a heavy duty, viscous liquid hand cleaner for universal use.
  • Solvent-free, so it will not dry out the skin.
  • A most effective general purpose heavy duty hand cleaner. 
  • May be dispensed through any bulk-fill dispenser.

Can be used with the Opus 2 litre BULK FILL (refillable) DISPENSER shown below

  • PLAUDIT has a pleasant orange fragrance that is acceptable to both men and women.
  • Will remove oil, grease, inks, graphite, carbon-black, amazingly, safely and pleasantly.
  • May be dispensed through any bulk fill dispenser.
  • ULTRA-SMOOTH - does not contain rubbing agents.