Rozalexd Di-guard 450 ml pot

Rozalex DRI-GUARD barrier cream - 6 x 450 ml pots

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Rozalex Dri-Guard is a general purpose barrier cream in Individual tubs.

Industry's best-known barrier cream to protect working hands.

  • Rozalex Dri-Guard is effective against mineral oils, dust, grease, factory grime, cements, hydrocarbon solvents, solvent or oil based adhesives, lacquers, varnishes, rubber, diesel oils, dyes, stains, lubricating compounds, printing inks, polishes, bitumens etc.
  • Please note: Rozalex Dri-Guard in the 450 ml pot is in the form of a stiff paste and not pumpable. If you require a cream version that can be dispensed see the 800 ml pouch or 250 ml personal bottles below.

Rozalex barrier creams have been used in industry for more than 80 years. Trusted formulation.