Rozalex Gauntlet Natural Lemom 3 kg PET jar

Rozalex GAUNTLET NATURAL LEMON HD Hand Cleaner - 6 x 3 litre plastic jars

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Rozalex GAUNTLET NATURAL Lemon, water-based, solvent-free hand cleaner for heavy duty applications - in 3 litre plastic (PET) jars

Rozalex GAUNTLET NATURAL lemon is a ready to use heavy-duty skin cleanser with polythene granules for enhanced skin cleansing.

Key properties

  • Does not contain petroleum or natural solvents
  • A water based blend of non-ionic surfactants
  • Contains Polybeads
  • Designed for general use.
  • Pleasant Lemon fragrance 



  • Excellent removal of ingrained oil, grease and heavy soiling
  • Polybeads give a skin-friendly scrub ability to aid dirt removal
  • Powerful cleaning performance yet gentle on the skin
  • Easy to pump / dispense.
  • Pleasant Lemon fragrance leaves hands smelling fresh & clean

Typical Commercial Applications 
Manufacturing plants, Light engineering, Automotive repairs, Ship building, Civil engineering, Oil & Gas Industry, Chemical handling, Painting & Decorating, Cleaning, Building Trades, Landscaping, Farming, Marine, Window Cleaning, Car & Truck Washing.