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Stoko ESTESOL MILD WASH (was Frapantol) - 6 x 2000 ml soft bottle

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Stoko ESTESOL MILD WASH (was Frapantol) is a creamy skin cleanser for light skin cleansing

Stoko ESTESOL MILD WASH is a special creamy, hand cleanser offering mild cleaning power and good skin compatibility. It is formulated to remove all types of light contamination which might otherwise be removed by using scrubbing agents and solvents.

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Area of Application:

  • FRAPANTOL can also be used to clean the entire body.
  • Use for removing light soilings caused by dust and grease.
  • Perfume-free and colourless, so particularly suitable for food and luxury foodstuff sectors.
  • Gentle cleansing action with skin-smoothing conditioner, may be used all over the body.
  • Matched to the pH value of human skin for use on sensitive skin.
  • With pearliser
  • Soap-free