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GOJO Hand Care Products

For more than 60 years GOJO® brand products have dependably provided high-quality hand cleaners and dispensing systems, which help keep your skin clean and healthy.
  • Soiled-looking, cracked and work-worn hands need not be part of any Person's job. Sensible measures help reduce the possibility of occupational dermatitis and so maintain the health of the workforce.
  • GOJO products give a sense of quality anywhere by providing a more pleasant hand washing experience.
  • All GOJO and PURELL products are unconditionally guaranteed for quality and satisfaction.
  • As an authorised and trusted GOJO UK distributor we are able to offer the entire range of GOJO and PURELL refills, dispensers and accessories - VOLUME DISCOUNTS or DISCOUNTED DISPENSERS - on-line here
GOJO MSDS information can be downloaded by using this link: