Rozalex Wet-guard 450 ml pot

Rozalex WET-GUARD Barrier Cream - 6 x 450 ml tubs

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Rozalex Wet-Guard is a general water repellent barrier cream. Previously known as "Rozalex no. 8 for Wet Work".

Industry leading barrier cream to protect hands against water or water/oil mix contaminants.

  • ROZALEX Wet-Guard barrier cream is effective use against neat and soluble cutting oils, dilute alkalis and acids, detergents, degreasers, bleaches, coolants, wet cements, water based inks, dyes, adhesives, fluxes, lacquers, preservatives, stains, paints and water etc.
  • Makes hands easier to clean and prevents dermatitis.
  • Can also be used as a general purpose barrier cream and is suitable for use under gloves to prevent hands de-fatting etc.
  • Food safe.
  • Please note: Rozalex Wet-Guard in the 450 ml pot is in the form of a stiff paste and not pumpable. If you require a cream version that can be dispensed see the 800 ml pouch or 250 ml personal bottles below.

    Typical Commercial Applications:
    Chemical handling, Painting & Decorating, Pottery,  Printing, Bakery, Brewing, Catering, Cleaning, Laundry, Nursing Homes, Building Trades, Landscaping, Farming, Veterinary, Medical, Hair Dressing, Marine, Window Cleaning, Car & Truck Washing.

Rozalex barrier creams have been used in industry for more than 80 years. Trusted formulations.