Deb Stokoderm Advanced 100 ml tube SDA100ML

STOKODERM ADVANCED Barrier Cream - 12 x 100 ml Tubes

Deb Stoko
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Stokoderm ADVANCED(previously Stokoderm Universal) Barrier Cream - the All-In-One advanced skin protection product. Pack of 12 x 100 ml tubes.

  • The new Stokoderm Advanced skin barrier cream offers unique protection against oil and water-based contaminants.
  • Contains oil-suspending emulsifiers which render the skin easier to clean.

  • STOKO UNIVERSAL eliminates the need for aggressive hand cleansers.
  • STOKO UNIVERSAL is the ideal product for most workplace applications.
  • Simply rinse off dirt and grime.
  • Not only protects the skin from all general workplace substances, it also prevents dirt from sticking to your hands.
  • STOKO UNIVERSAL enhances grip and a built-in cleansing agent facilitates cleaning of the skin so you can use milder cleaners.
  • STOKO UNIVERSAL is quickly absorbed by the skin. As the cream contains no silicone, it can be used by workers in many different manufacturing processes and on production lines including the automotive and electronics industries where the use of silicone based products could have an adverse effect when coating surfaces.
  • May be used under fabric and fabric/leather working gloves, but not latex or rubber gloves.