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Gojo & Purell

It is now common knowledge that Gojo Industries (the manufactures of Purell) have gone into administration and have withdrawn from the UK/European market with immediate effect.

As a result, there is virtually no stock available to purchase, most of it has been distributed to the NHS.

We would like to offer existing Gojo/Purell customers a 10% discount when changing over to one of our other dispensing systems. Please telephone 01384 671505 to discuss this further with one of our helpful sales team.


Call our helpful team: 01384 671505

Should You Rent or Buy Automatic Hand Dryers? 

Automatic hand dryers have become a staple in washrooms across businesses due to their efficiency and eco-friendliness. As more companies consider this upgrade, a common dilemma arises: is it better to rent or buy these devices?

This article will delve into the pros and cons of both options, helping you make an informed decision for your business. 


Buying Automatic Hand Dryers 

Purchasing hand dryers outright can be a significant initial investment, but it offers long-term benefits. 



Buying hand dryers for sale can be more cost-effective over time. Once the initial investment is covered, there are no ongoing rental fees, making it a financially sound option for businesses planning long-term use. 


Customisation and Choice 


Purchasing your equipment often allows a wider choice of models. You can select features that best suit your specific needs, such as speed, energy efficiency, and noise levels. 


Maintenance Control 


Owning the hand dryers means you have full control over their maintenance and upkeep. This can be advantageous if you have the in-house capability to manage repairs and routine maintenance, potentially reducing costs and downtime. 


Renting Automatic Hand Dryers 


Renting hand dryers is an alternative that may suit certain business models better. 


Lower Initial Costs 


Renting reduces initial capital outlay, which can be beneficial for businesses with limited upfront budgets. It allows access to high-quality equipment without a significant initial investment. 


Inclusive Maintenance 


Rental agreements often include maintenance and repairs, ensuring that any malfunctions or issues are handled promptly without additional costs. This can be particularly valuable for businesses that lack the technical expertise to maintain the dryers. 




Renting offers flexibility to upgrade or change models as technology advances or as your business needs evolve. This can be advantageous in maintaining a modern and efficient washroom environment. 


Financial Predictability 


With fixed rental payments, businesses can manage their budgets more predictively, which is beneficial for cash flow management. 


Making the Decision 


The decision to rent or buy automatic hand dryers should be based on your business’s financial situation, operational needs, and long-term strategic goals. Buying may be more cost-effective for established businesses with stable finances, while renting could be more suitable for start-ups or those needing higher flexibility and lower upfront costs. 


Both options offer advantages, and the choice depends on a thorough assessment of your company’s specific requirements and financial capabilities. Considering factors like the duration of use, available capital, and facility needs will guide you to the best decision for your organisation’s unique circumstances.