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Gojo & Purell

It is now common knowledge that Gojo Industries (the manufactures of Purell) have gone into administration and have withdrawn from the UK/European market with immediate effect.

As a result, there is virtually no stock available to purchase, most of it has been distributed to the NHS.

We would like to offer existing Gojo/Purell customers a 10% discount when changing over to one of our other dispensing systems. Please telephone 01384 671505 to discuss this further with one of our helpful sales team.


Call our helpful team: 01384 671505

The Importance of Using Food Grade Aerosols in the Catering Industry 

Woman wearing safety equipment, cleaning the kitchen table

In the fast-paced environment of the catering industry, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety is paramount. This is where the use of food grade aerosols becomes crucial.

These specialised products are designed to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring that they can be used in close proximity to food without posing health risks.

Understanding the benefits of food grade aerosols and incorporating them into daily operations is essential for any catering service. 


What are Food Grade Aerosols? 

Food grade aerosols are cleaning and maintenance products specifically formulated for use in environments where food is processed, stored, or served.

They differ from standard cleaning aerosols in that they contain ingredients that are safe for incidental contact with food. This means they can be used on or near food preparation areas without the need for extensive rinsing or worries about contamination. 


Benefits of Food Grade Aerosols 


The primary benefit of using food grade aerosols is safety. These products minimise the risk of chemical contamination, ensuring that food remains safe for consumption. This is particularly important in settings such as kitchens and food processing facilities, where contamination can lead to serious health issues. 



Food grade aerosols often come in easy-to-use spray formats that allow for precise application. This makes it easier to clean and maintain equipment and surfaces, even during busy times. The aerosol form ensures that the product is distributed evenly, providing a consistent level of cleanliness. 



Despite their safety features, food grade aerosols are highly effective at cleaning and disinfecting. They are formulated to tackle grease, bacteria, and other contaminants that are common in food environments. 


Choosing the Right Products 

When selecting food grade aerosols, it’s important to choose products that are specifically labelled as suitable for food environments. Look for certifications or endorsements from health and safety regulatory bodies that confirm the product’s appropriateness for use in the catering industry. 


For businesses investing in wholesale cleaning supplies, including a range of food grade aerosols is essential. These products are a critical component of any comprehensive cleaning protocol in food-related settings.

Offering these specialised products not only meets a vital market need but also enhances the safety and efficiency of food service operations. 


The use of food grade aerosols in the catering industry is not just a best practice; it is a crucial aspect of maintaining health and safety standards. These products provide an effective and safe solution for maintaining hygiene in environments where the risk of contamination must be minimised.

For catering businesses, incorporating these aerosols into their cleaning routines can help ensure that they not only comply with regulations but also provide a safe, clean environment for food preparation.