Deb Stoko FOOD SECTOR Skin Care

Deb Stoko FOOD SECTOR Skin Care

Deb Stoko OxyBAC™ is a new antibacterial hand wash in a rich cream formulation which, combined with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP) antimicrobial agent, provides significant benefits compared with other antibacterial hand wash products, especially those used in the food industry.
What you can expect from Deb OxyBAC products:

  • Safe and Effective Antibacterial Hand Wash.
  • Extremely effective at killing a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and many viruses that can be spread by hands and cause common illness.
  • High performance physical cleaning removes visible food ontamination and invisible micro-organisms.
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating to skin; does not induce microbial resistance.

Other size options are available to special order – please ask.

One dispenser is offered FREE with every case of Deb OxyBAC refills.
Additional dispensers are charged at the dispenser prices shown in RED

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