PURELL NXT Manual Range

PURELL NXT Manual Range

The PURELL ® Hand Sanitizer – NXT Range of 1 litre refills and MANUAL operation dispensers.

The PURELL NXT System comprises a 1 litre manually-operated dispenser and appropriate refills. Please note that the 2 litre version has been discontinued.

System comprises:

  • 1 litre PURELL NXT Dispenser ref 2039
  • 1 litre PURELL ADVANCED NXT refills ref 2156-08
  • 1 litre PURELL VF481 Anti-Viral refills ref 2196-08

PURELL kills 99.99% of the germs on the hands that can cause illness, and is efficiency-proven in independent laboratory tests.

PLEASE NOTE: in the interests of sustainability, packaging of the PURELL 1 litre NXT refills has changed – it is no longer a bag-in-a-box, but pack size remains at 8 refill pouches per case.