PURELL TFX Touch-Free Range

PURELL TFX Touch-Free Range

PURELL ADVANCED supply a number of hand sanitizing products for TFX automatic touch-free dispensers, including PURELL TFX refill cartridges.

The PURELL TFX refills are now updated to use PURELL ADVANCED sanitizer gel, which kills Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi & Yeasts; it is effective against Norovirus. The formulation includes effective moisturisers that leave hands feeling soft and refreshed.

The PURELL TFX Touch-Free System Comprises:

  • TFX 1200 ml refills PURELL ADVANCED hand sanitising GEL, and PURELL ADVANCED foam
  • TFX 1200 ml PURELL VF481 ANTI-VIRAL gel refills
  • TFX 1200 ml Touch-Free dispenser in White ABS plastic and Metallic finish ABS plastic.
  • Movable stand in White. Metallic and Black finishes.
  • NEW TFX Counter Stand.

Browse our range of PURELL TFX products, as well as accessories such as PURELL TFX stand and dispenser machines below; PURELL TFX dispenser refills also available.