SAVANNAH Luxury Liquid Soap

SAVANNAH Luxury Liquid Soap

Opus SAVANNAH is specially formulated for extra mildness, and with a delightful fragrance, the perfect lotion soap for dispenser use in hotels, offices, schools and commercial premises where a high quality lotion is required.

Opus SAVANNAH’s advanced formulation, which incorporates effective skin conditioners, imparts a rich cleansing lather. Because it incorporates skin conditioners it helps prevent skin infections and dryness.

  • Opus SAVANNAH helps keep wash rooms attractive since it will not cause the formation of scum in wash basins, even in the hardest of water.
  • Removes general grime as well as grease, light oil, quickly and efficiently.
  • A small amount of Opus SAVANNAH should be rubbed into the hands and water added. Wash vigorously, then rinse well before drying the hands thoroughly.
  • Opus SAVANNAH is also effective as a shower lotion for all over body use.

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