HYScent Dry Fragrances pack of 6

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  • HYscent refills are made to be the freshest smelling option. No other company can provide sustainable fragrances that longer than our blends with zero harmful solvents and propellants. The specially created polymer blend plus pure essential oils will last for 30 days of continuous use, much longer than any other dry fragrance that you may encounter out there on the market. Plus, don’t worry about your consumer getting sick from these fragrances; they are designed to smell like nature, not like chemicals! With HYscent Refills eco-happy long-lasting scents is an understatement!.


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Now you can have your favorite scent on-the-go, without the mess. HYScent Dry Fragrances are a new option for personal fragrance. What sets our products apart from other options? That’s simple: we only use pristine essential oils and pure botanical extracts that create a dry vapor—no liquids, no sprays, no mists!

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