Opus CORAL BEADS Hand Cleaner - 15 litre pail
Opus CORAL BEADS is the classic red beaded gel.

A heavy duty solvent-based hand cleaner for general industrial and automotive use.

Available in 15 litre pails

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email: sales@hand-cleaners.co.uk

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Opus CORAL BEADS Hand Cleaner - 15 litre pail

Opus Workforce CORAL BEADS - classic premium quality red beaded, heavy duty hand cleaning gel in a 15 litre pail.

CORAL BEADS is a medium to heavy duty beaded gel hand cleanser for industrial use.

  • Milled polymer beads facilitate the removal of oil, grease, printing inks, carbon black, and certain paints, without attacking the skin.
  • Opus CORAL BEADS red beaded gel is manufactured from top quality raw materials and contains no harsh chemicals.

Can be used with the Opus 2 litre BULK FILL (refillable) DISPENSER shown below


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Opus 2 litre bulk-fill dispenser

Contemporary design bulk fill dispenser of 2000 ml capacity.

Suitable for use with liquids, gels, and micrograin hand cleaners.

Rugged and reliable dispenser in an attractive design for use with liquids, gels, pastes and hand cleaners containing micrograins.

  • Includes fixing screws, wall plugs, adhesive pad, key and instructions.
  • 3 ml shot size
  • materials: ABS cover and window, polypropylene backplate
  • Dimensions (mm) H.310 x W.140 x D.145