Deb Stokoderm Aqua 1 litre cartridge ref SAQ1L

Stokoderm Aqua single 1 litre cartridge

Deb Stoko
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Stokoderm Aqua protects the skin in damp and wet environments and under gloves, but also recommended to protect against cement, graphite, wood dust and other dry substances.
Single cartridge.

Previously known as Stoko Protect Plus

  • Stokoderm Aqua pre-work cream features both regenerative and protective qualities.
  • Helps regenerate the natural skin barrier damaged by contact with aggressive or irritant substances at work.
  • White, perfume- and silicone-free soft multiple emulsion cream.
  • HACCP assessed confirming suitability for food industry applications.

Use with Deb 1 litre cartridges dispenser ref PRO1LDSEN

  • Enjoys high cosmetic acceptance. 
  • Supports skin regeneration. 
  • Rapidly absorbed 
  • Suitable for hands and face. 
  • May be used under gloves, including latex and rubber gloves.
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