Rozalex Dri-guard 250 ml pump

Rozalex DRI-GUARD EASY PUMP Barrier Cream - 12 x 250 ml pump bottles

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Creamier, pumpable Rozalex Dri-Guard barrier cream in individual 250 ml pump bottles.

  • Industry's best-known barrier cream to protect working hands.
  • Class-leading protection against mineral oils, diesel oils, paints, dyes, fluxes, rubber, glues, resins, adhesives, dust & factory grime, cements, hydrocarbon solvents, lacquers, varnishes, rubber, stains, lubricating compounds, printing inks, polishes, bitumens etc.
  • Makes hands easier to clean and helps prevent dermatitis.

Rozalex barrier creams have been used in industry for more than 80 years. Trusted formulation.