Bower COMPACT – 15 watt insect killer WHITE with Shatterproof Lamps F25CSW (DISCONTINUED)

Product Code: F25CSW
  • Bower COMPACT – 15 watt insect killer is an ideal fly killer for those with a discerning eye on quality and who enjoy the finer things in life.
  • The UV tube of this classic model leaves no mess, which can be beneficial if you want to maintain a clean environment whilst getting rid of pesky insects! It’s designed to catch pests around food preparation areas, using electricity as a bug zapper, or kitchen area where it kills them on contact.
  • This product attracts flies by emitting carbon dioxide at high levels that they find irresistible and then sucks them into the vacuum And its handle design facilitates easy operation and hanging from ceilings or hooks. A must-have for most kitchens today.
  • Slim design, so ideal where ceiling height or wall space is restricted.
  • The Bower COMPACT- 15 watt insect killer is built to the latest British and European standards. It’s outer casings are made from steel rather than plastic, which can degrade with the effects of ultra violet light. The product line allows easy mains isolation that requires no tools and has a long service life of three years; reducing monitoring visits by up to 60%.
  • Finished in White. Replacement lamp: LS14WX-W standard; LS14WS-W shatter resistant

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Please View the T65 Insect-a-Clear Unit (F65CSW)

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  • Sturdy, durable construction with plated steel makes this machine hardy enough for farming use. There is a plated zinc coating that allows excellent corrosion resistance on the exterior of the machine, making it ready to weather years of outdoor use.
  • The high-quality manufacturing puts you on easy street, as servicing is appreciated by all aspects of your business so you don’t run into any snags down the line or have disgruntled customers because something wasn’t addressed correctly.
  • Cleaning out this machine couldn’t be easier; just undo 2 screws and access the mesh rinsing tube to throw away any pests that didn’t die quickly and easily.
  • Additionally, there’s an electrical plug and socket on one side.
  • Stainless steel killing grid.
  • Additional features include full 12 month guarantee (except for tubing), screws and wall plugs provided so mounting on any surface is easy. Also available with shatter-resistant tubing.
  • Conforms BS EN 60335-2-59 and the European EMC directive.
  • Effective within an area of up to 40 square metres
  • Size: 370mm x 225mm x 115mm (14.6in x 9in x 4.5in)
  • Supplied with shatterproof lamps.

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Weight 8 kg

Electric Grid

Electric Grid

Compact 15

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