BOWER Insect-a-clear T50 – 22w Insect Killer (Circline QUANTUM lamp) Stainless F50CSS

Product Code: F50CSS
  • The Bower Insect-a-clear insect killers are the newest lamps to use SYLVANIA technology, which preserves lamp’s output at 70% over 5000 hours. These lamps emit new QUANTUM light that is 100% more effective and 40% more powerful than any other light source available. The product utilizes this innovative, differentiating energy efficient system to kill insects before they can interfere with your property or become a danger to humans. The following features are incorporated into the Insect-a-clear Popular range of insect destroyers.
  • Bower Insect-a-clear insect killers are made out of premium materials, non-hazardous to your space. The product is easy to install with no tools needed and leaves no mess behind. The machine’s electrical plug & socket on the side makes it easily accessible for servicing without having to dismantle anything or taking up unnecessary floor space. This model has a stainless steel body that stands out if you’re looking for something aesthetically appealing as well as durable and a large catchment tray for easy and hygienic disposal of dead insects.
  • These insect killers are shatter resistant with a full 2 year guarantee. They also conform to BS EN 60335-2-59 and the European EMC directive.
  • Effective with an area of up to 100 square metres
  • Size: 320mm x 395mm x 150mm (12.75in x 15.6in x 6.0in)
  • Replacement lamps: LC22WX-W standard / LC22WS-W shatter resistant
  • Finished in STAINLESS. Also available in WHITE.


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Insect-a-clear T50

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