BOWER L7 Lantern insect killer

Product Code: FL7CBB
  • The Bower L7 Lantern insect killer is ideal for beer gardens of pubs, patios, barbecue areas, and al fresco dining. All stainless steel construction with epoxy-coated steel lid and catch tray. Kills flies, bluebottles, gnats, moths, wasps, mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insect pests. Lures flies and flying insects into its electronic grid.
  • Special UVA 36 watt lamp.
  • 550mm high x 230mm diameter.
  • Tested to IPX4.
  • Made in UK from Matt Black ABS plastic.

Replacement lamp is the 18 WATT UV LAMP ref. no. LL18WX-W


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  • It incorporates a powerful high tension transformer that will destroy any insect that hits the killing grid, even in high infestation areas, year after year. It’s not just for night use though – it’ll keep insects out of your home or business during the day too.
  • Best of all is our fully interlocked safety guard with children’s protection locks so you can hang it virtually anywhere without worrying about little ones getting their hands on something they shouldn’t.
  • Comes complete with hanging chain so installation is super easy and worry-free.
  • Effective within an area of up to 200 square metres.
  • Tested and approved to European standards and is water resistant (rated to IPX4).
  • Conforms to BSEN 60335-1:2002/60335-2-59:2003.

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Weight 3 kg

Electric Grid

Electric Grid

Insect-a-clear Lantern

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