Brandenburg Genus ECLIPSE 30w Glue Board Fly Killer (DISCONTINUED)

Product Code: ECL215
  • The ECLIPSE 30w Glue Board Fly Killer by Brandenburg is the perfect option for discreet fly control in wet or wash-down environments. We’ve fitted this unit with a universal glue board to ensure maximum efficacy, while our modern sleek design leaves an elegant impression on guests. Our stylish and high-powered lamps will attract flies from one metre away – something no other fly killer can claim. Easy to service, don’t waste time installing new glue boards when you need to reload your adhesive!


This product has now been discontinued by BRANDENBURG, we recommend the following as a replacement:

Brandenburg Genus ECLIPSE ULTRA TT 30w Glue Board Fly Killer (


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The Brandenburg Genus ECLIPSE is a stylish and discreet fly control solution. This unit features 2x 15 Watt lamps for maximum insect attraction with an option to be IP45 rated for wet area use, stand-alone operation or to be controlled by the ExaLite touch screen system. The universal glue board is easy to service which will last up to 3 months before replacement becomes necessary.

Dimensions: 41.0 x 30.3 x 9.6

Weight: 1.93 kg

Power: 30 Watts


Eclipse Ultra 15 W BLB lamps, single ref LUV015-100

Eclipse Ultra 15 W BLB lamps, (sleeved) ref LUV015-101

Eclipse Ultra 15 W BL lamps, single ref LUV015-200

Eclipse Ultra 15 W BL lamps, (sleeved) ref LUV015-201



Genus® universal glue board 20 x 15 pack  ref CBP1300-15-20M

Genus® universal glue board 15 pack  ref CBP1300-15

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Weight 4 kg

Glue Board

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