Brandenburg Genus LIBERATOR Insect Catcher – 60watt Glue Board

Product Code: LSC415-S
  • Genus LIBERATOR Insect Killer is intended for the toughest environments while still giving excellent performance. The unit has easy to service features that allow you to work on it with both hands, without risking sparks or electric shock. This model is available in voltage and glue board models; each of which are rated IP45 so they can withstand even high levels of moisture.


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The Brandenburg Genus LIBERATOR is a highly efficient, 60 watt ILT engineered for the toughest working environments.

Dimensions: 46.23 x 49 x 17 (Stainless)

Weight: 7.9kg (Catcher) 8.48kg (Killer)

Power: 60 Watts


Electrosect 15 W lamp standard single LUV015-000

Electrosect 15 W lamp standard pack of 25 LUV015-000-25

Electrosect 15 W lamp sleeved single LUV015-003

Electrosect 15 W lamp sleeved pack of 25 LUV015-003-25


Genus® universal glue board 20 x 15 pack CBP-1300-15-20M

Genus® universal glue board 15 pack CBP-1300-15

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Weight 10 kg

Glue Board

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