Brandenburg Genus SPECTRA Compact – 36watt

Product Code: SPE136-S
  • The Brandenburg Genus SPECTRA – 72 watt is the perfect solution for areas where space is tight and you have a problem with flying insects. With its slim line design, this great appliance has everything you need to keep the flying pests away; it offers fly capture performance, easy servicing, and excellent UVA output. Increasing customer awareness has led to a demand for high hygiene standards in food shops. Cleanliness can help protect against rodents too! This product is both ideal for small shops still wanting to shoot clean according to the law but also large supermarkets who want their products on display without anything landing or crawling around them.
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    Brandenburg Genus SPECTRA – 72 watt is a slimline fly trap designed to fit in areas where space is limited. The high UVA output creates the quickest flying insect catch rate and increases customer awareness for increased hygiene.

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