CATER-SCALE Food Grade De-Scaler – 5 litres CATER5L

Product Code: CATER5L

CATER-SCALE is a PREMIUM food-grade acid de-scaler for stainless, copper and glass vessels.

Single 5 litre jerrycan.

  • CATER-SCALE is a professional grade food grade de-scaler that penetrates and removes the toughest of deposits from your pipes, valves, equipment, and utensils.
  • It has been developed by experts in the industry for professionals with demanding workloads to have faster pipe cleanings, more efficient cleaning procedures between daily cycles for increased food production..
  • Its powerful formula is made with ingredients specially formulated to remove stubborn deposits such as hard water, lime and corrosion. Concentrations of 1% to 5% at temperatures of 60ºC to 70ºC are normal.
  • Surfaces should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water after cleaning.
  • Economical in use and based on phosphoric acid and surfactants.


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Weight 26 kg

Food Industry Cleaners


Cleaner/Degreaser, De-scalers, Hard Surface Cleaners

Food Industry

CATER-SCALE De-Scaler for Stainless, Copper, Glass

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