UniSol – Classic Air Fragrances 12 aerosols per case

Product Code: AIR-270

Each location deserves a different fragrance. That’s why the UniSol Classic range of fragrances offers an enticing aroma for every washroom, office or lobby – from fruity to fresh baby powder scents. The professional quality ensures they are safe for use in any environment, making them perfect for cafes and dental offices too. At 12 per case, it has you covered at all times when it comes to air freshening needs.

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Weight 4 kg

Aerosol Fragrance Systems


Apple Fresh – intense apple scent, Baby Powder – the scent of light talc, Classic Vanilla – calming sweet creamy scent, Cranberry – intense mouth-watering scent of fresh cranberry, Fresh Linen – scent of fresh linen on a summer's day, Lemon Sherbet – intense lemon sherbet scent, Wild Cherry – fruity fragrance of juicy wild cherries

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