CLEAR-PANE Glass, Window & Metal Cleaner – 5 litres

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  • Clear-Pane glass & window cleaner is an effective and convenient cleaning solution for any subject matter. It provides a factory shine and leaves mirrors, show cases and more sparkly than ever. Use it on your windows, table tops, mirrors, cut glass and lenses to get that professional finish you’ve been looking for at home or in the office.
  • Cleans reflective surfaces without streaking or smearing.
  • With its proprietary formula, CLEAR-PANE is an excellent choice for cleaning reflective surfaces without streaks or smears. Its powerful stain removal process ensures crystal clear results on windows, mirrors, brass, stainless steel countertops and enamelled surfaces.


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  • CLEAR-PANE is a safe and effective cleaner that can be used on plastics, Perspex, and textured surfaces to remove ingrained grime. The product tackles atmospheric haze, tobacco smoke residue, fingermarks from kids crayons and other common sources of dirt for a sparkling clean window every time!
  • For cleaning windows etc, wipe CLEAR-PANE off immediately with a clean white cloth and buffed to a shine. Do NOT use a coploured duster as CLEAR-PANE will remove the dye, resulting in smeared glass.
  • If using CLEAR-PANE to clean a television or computer monitor screen, please apply CLEAR-PANE to the cloth (not to the equipment) then wipe over the surface with the equipment switched off.

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CLEAR-PANE Window and Glass Cleaner

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