COPPER NO-SEIZE Anti-Seize Compound – 3 kg tin

Product Code: CNS3KG
  • COPPER NO-SEIZE Anti-Seize Compound is a heavy duty product that greatly reduces dismantling torque. Suitable for use as an anti-seize compound up to 1100 degree Celsius, Copper No-Seize protects against seizure in conditions of high corrosion and chemical attack. Suitable as an anti-seize for a wide range of aggressive conditions including applying to pipe fittings and valves in the chemical and petrochemical industry or galvanized fittings, copper tube connections.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Apply by brush to the threaded steel components prior to assembly, along with surfaces below the bolt head, including unthreaded section, thread itself and both sides of nut and washer.


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Copper No-Seize anti-seize compound in a 3 kg tin.

COPPER NO-SEIZE is a lead-free anti-seize grease compound for threaded connections of pipes, flanges and threaded fasteners subjected to high temperatures and/or corrosive environments. Ideal for heavy duty use.

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Weight 3 kg



Greases, Lubricant


COPPER NO-SEIZE Anti-seize Compound 3kg

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