Deb Stoko Refresh RELAX FOAM Wash – 6 x 1 litre cartridges RLX1L

Product Code: RLX1L
  • Fragrant foam soap hand wash with a rich blend of essential oils of cedarwood and patchouli.
  • Relaxing fragrance using an oriental musk with top notes of tangerine and bergamot, supported by clove and cinnamon.
  • Contains skin conditioner and moisturiser to improve skin hydration and prevent drying.


For use with Deb 1 litre Washroom Dispenser ref WRM1LDSEN

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Get 1 x Deb Stoko CLEANSE WASHROOM Soap Dispenser FREE with each pack of 6 cartridges


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Deb Stoko CLEANSE WASHROOM Soap Dispenser 1000ml LGT1LDS

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Deb Stoko Refresh Relax Foam Soap – case of 6 x 1 litre cartridges.

Luxurious Foaming Soap Hand Wash.

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