EX 2000 De-staining Fluid for Drinks Vending Machines – 1 litre Bottle

Product Code: EX2000X1

EX 2000 is a Liquid Brewer De-Staining Cleaner for Drinks Vending Machines

EX 2000 is a cleaning fluid designed to attract and dissolve the tough stains you’ll find in vending machines. It’s specifically for brewing tea or coffee in fresh brew units, but also for other food hygiene applications

Ex 2000 Liquid Brewer Cleaner will remove any black tea leaves from card readers, hard-to-reach areas of doors, hatches and fittings when used properly. Once it has done its work, simply rinse/flush using cold water and wipe down with a cloth for an impeccable finish before replacing your unit on site.

  • EX 2000 is highly concentrated and highly effective, and therefore extremely economical in use.
  • This all inclusive package is safe on stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic materials of construction.
  • Handy pack size for operatives.


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  • The product is packed in 1 litre polythene bottles for convenience and safety.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE IN FRESH BREW UNITS: Add 1 part (about 1 capful) EX 2000 for each 15 parts water to the brew unit before operating the cleaning cycle. Allow to work for at least 10 minutes before starting the flush cycle.

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Weight 14 kg

Food Industry Cleaners


Brewer Cleaner/De-staining Fluid

Food Industry

EX2000 De-staining Fluid for Drinks Machines

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