FLEXI-CLEAN HD Multi-Purpose Cleaner – 5 litres

Product Code: FLEXICL5L

Heavy duty multi-purpose alkaline cleaning concentrate.

  • FLEXI-CLEAN HD Multi-Purpose Cleaner – 5 litre concentrated cleaner that can be used to clean anything. With an advanced formulation of silicates, phosphates and surfactants like no other, this versatile cleaner is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces like hot and cold pressure washing machines or stainless steel structures in factories or hospitals.
  • FLEXI-CLEAN HD Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a professional grade cleaner that instantly dissolves grease, oils and dirt. It dries streak free and can be used to clean work surfaces of all kinds, including engines and coaches.
  • It is also a thoroughly effective hard surface cleaner, suitable for use in many working environments, including workshops, garages, restaurants, canteens, railways, hospitals etc.


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  • FLEXICLEAN is a heavy duty, multi-purpose cleaner for heavily soiled machinery/plant and surrounding areas. Ideal for cleaning walls, floors and other surfaces without the need of separate products to clean and polish. For this purpose, the product can be applied by spray, mop, sponge.
  • It is the only product that can remove oil and grease stains without scrubbing, which means saving valuable time. It is strong enough to shift even graffiti from walls, tiles and metal surfaces such as wrought iron gates with just a single spray.
  • FLEXICLEAN should be diluted with up to 20 parts hot or cold water for heavy grime removal, and up to 60 parts water for general cleaning. Wipe dry, or rinse off large quantities. For use in pressure wash machines, FLEXICLEAN may be diluted with up to 100 parts hot or cold water. For manual vehicle cleaning dilute with up to 60 parts water, apply and hose off.

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FLEXI-CLEAN HD Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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