FLEXIBAC Heavy-Duty Bactericidal Cleaner – 25 litre drum

Product Code: FLEXIB25L

FLEXI-BAC is a technically advanced, bactericidal cleaning product that is safe to use on any surface that will tolerate water.

  • This heavy duty bactericidal cleaner is ideal for use in the food processing industries as well as it’s an effective and efficient stain remover on many surfaces.
  • FLEXI-BAC is probably the product of all products; for removing oil, grime, nicotine, carbon, inks/dyes and any other tough stains on your walls.


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  • FLEXI-BAC is an innovative product that replaces both detergent and water in various cleaning jobs including but not limited to washing cars or vans. This means customers can eliminate cluttering cabinets with multiple products by finding the one multipurpose solution which saves our planet’s resources, introduces storage efficiency, simplifies home life, and cleans your car!
  • FLEXI-BAC is a highly effective and economical cleaning solution that has been designed for use in most areas of the home: kitchen, bath area, toilet area and outside spaces. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and can be safely diluted up to 60 parts water (depending on the level of dirt).
  • It is currently available in single 5 litres and 25 litre drums at an affordable price with wholesale options available.

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Weight 28 kg

Food Industry Cleaners


Bactericidal, Cleaner/Degreaser, Hard Surface Cleaners

Food Industry

FLEXI-BAC Bactericidal Cleaner

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