BOWER Fly-Shield ONE – 18 watt glue board insect killer with Shatterproof Lamp FG1CSS

Product Code: FG1CSS

The Fly-Shield ONE is a discreet, contemporary take on the classic fly paper from generations past. Stylish, sleek and designed for mounting to ceilings or walls only. With a single energy saver lamp, this unit is perfect for restaurants and coffee shops as well as any small space where open flames are prohibited. Simply hang this high up out of reach from flying pests and press the switch to activate.

  • With its stainless steel construction, Fly-Shield ONE traps bugs near the surface of its glue without overheating, so you can always enjoy a peaceful night. Strongest 18 watt LED photocell on the market attracts flying insects from 35 – 90 square metres. No fly will escape from this powerful insect killer.
  • CE approved and formally tested to BSEN 60598-1
  • Size: 34.5cm x 25cm x 11.5cm


Replacement lamps: 1 x TL18WX standard, or 1 x TL18*WS shatter-resistant

Replacement glue-board: MG1TRA


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Glue Board

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Fly-Shield ONE

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