GERM-STOP Sanitising Food Area Degreaser – 5 litres GERM5L

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Germ-Stop, a high quality sanitising food area degreaser (FAD) concentrate

  • GERM-STOP is a revolutionary all-purpose cleaner and degreaser, designed to reduce the workload for those tackling freshening up their space. It sanitizes hard surfaces as well as grease and removes germs on equipment used in food preparation. The multi-purpose formula means it can be used throughout your workplace.
  • GERM-STOP is the best way to sanitize your environment. Eliminate bacteria on kitchen surfaces as well as prevent cross-contamination of surfaces from anywhere in your home or workplace.


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  • The undeniable advantages of GERM-STOP over chlorine, with its lack of odour – also enables you to do more for aesthetics too – less stringent food hygiene regime and the fact it is safe on all materials of construction and ideal for use on all work surfaces, machinery, baking tins and utensils, plant, process equipment, conveyors etc.,
  • Germ-Stop quickly dilutes in hot or cold water, emulsifies dirt and grime to rinse off easily without much rubbing needed because of its gentle anionic surfactant properties
  • Use by spray, sponge, or mop and bucket. First dilute GERM-STOP with up to 40 parts water, preferably hot, according to strength of solution required. Apply, and allow to dwell for a few moments, then rinse off with clean, fresh water.
  • For cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces at QAP 50, GERMSTOP is designed to be capable of dilution at 1:60, conforming to BS 6424:1984.

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Germ-STOP Sanitizing Food Area Degreaser

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