HYScent SOLO Air Freshening Dispenser

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  • HYscent SOLO Air Freshening Dispenser is the trendsetting air fresher crafted for today’s home. With an endless number of scents to choose from, this unit is able to scent up to 220 square feet and can last 45-60 days on its lowest setting mode. Offering a constant, safe invigorating fragrance and simple functionality makes HYscent SOLO perfect for all ages in any space: be it home office or family room. And with adjustable settings ranging from high flow to low flow output, you can control your personal  fragrance strength without headaches.


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The HYScent SOLO Air Freshening Dispenser system is the perfect machine for fresh, clean air in small spaces. Our containers are refillable with just 1/8 oz. of fragrance that lasts 90 days or more! If your room is 150 square feet or less you can feel safe using this low-profile machine to keep it smelling great. And don’t worry about burning out coils, ours incorporate a patent-pending “Freshen Me” feature which increases air volume and circulation while distributing your favorite fragrance evenly throughout space making them cool running, long lasting machines.

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