INDIGO Toilet Cleaner/De-scaler – 4 x 5 litres

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  • INDIGO Toilet Descaler is the perfect product for anyone who has an eye on hygiene and wants to slurp away grimy buildups. It’s safe for use on any toilet or urinal fixture and quickly dissolves tough mineral build-up (including calcium, magnesium, limescale) as well as other stubborn stains like rust or iron oxide. This means that your bathroom will be squeaky clean and better protected from bacteria and odour.
  • INDIGO Toilet Descaler was designed to work around the clock and be left untouched and un-brushed for long periods of time. This thickened formulation is more suitable for toilets with stubborn stains or scale deposits, while simultaneously avoiding whatever possible mess.



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  • INDIGO is a toilet descaler that dissolves organic matter, limescale and uric acid scale build-up. Not only does it remove unsightly stains on the bowl of the toilet, but it also kills germs and bacteria at the source. With regular use, INDIGO will maintain deposit-free, sparkling fittings without harsh abrasives.
  • Without removing anything from your bathroom or using any brushing products whatsoever, INDIGO can keep your toilets clean and fresh with minimal effort. It leaves a pleasant fragrance while keeping harmful deposits to a minimum – meaning cleaner bathrooms for everyone!

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INDIGO Toilet De-Scaler

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