BOWER Insect-a-clear T95-IP – 40w Insect Killer – WATER RESISTANT IPX5

Product Code: F95ISS
  • The Bower Insect-a-clear T95-IP is a compact, wall mounted, electric insect killer. We recommend this for customers who are looking for an effective way to kill insects in damp or high humidity areas without getting their hands wet.
  • This product has been specifically designed to offer effective insect elimination in moist environments and where frequent cleaning operations cause water splashing. The Insect-A Clear can be hosed down after switching off power using a low pressure hose which conforms to waterproof rating IPX5.
  • Best suited to areas where ceiling height or wall space is restricted, this device provides portable pest control.
  • Tested and approved to the latest British and European standards and made in the UK from stainless steel construction
  • Effective with an area of up to 120 square metres
  • Size: 650mm x 275mm x 145mm (18.4in x 16.75in x 6.0in)
  • Replacement lamp: 2 x LS18WS-P 20 watt x 24″ shatter-resistant tubes.
  • Easy servicing, just remove 4 screws for access to the tube, grid and starter.
  • Only high quality high output Shatter resistant tubes are fitted.


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Electric Grid

Electric Grid

Insect-a-clear T95-IP

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