Opus FOIL-SEIZE Aluminium Anti-Seize – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

Product Code: FOIL400A
  • Opus FOIL-SEIZE Aluminium Anti-Seize is an anti-seizure agent that prevents parts from locking-up in high temperature conditions. It is ideal for use on screws, nuts, and bolts in HT applications up to 800 degrees C. Opus FOIL-SEIZE can reduce friction when the base oil has already evaporated or leaks have worn off preventing seizure. It offers increased resistance to high pressures and temperatures which might be present during prolonged maintenance intervals in difficult/high humidity environments or areas subjected to extreme heat – making it a very versatile product.
  • INDUSTRIAL USES: Dies, die-casting machinery, stay bolts, stay tubes, burner assemblies, boiler and furnace fittings, compressor heads, engine casings etc
  • MARINE USES: Engine and deck fittings and fastenings.
  • CONSTRUCTION USES: Pipes and fittings; floor joists; heavy plate goods; bush patterns; bolting in general (to hold them firmly).
  • AUTOMOTIVE: Heat and pressure gaskets, hose coupling and hydraulic fittings, fuel injector nozzles, valve cages, pre-combustion chambers, brake assemblies, nuts, bolts, etc.
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Opus FOIL-SEIZE High Temperature Aluminium Anti-Seize

Case of 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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FOIL-SEIZE Aluminium Anti-Seize

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