Opus HAND SANITIZER 1 litre Cartridge Dispenser DISPWF1L

Product Code: DISPWF1L

Elegantly styled 1 LITRE MANUALLY OPERATED wall-mounted hand sanitizer and soap dispenser offers the flexibility to accept a variety of pump choices.

Get 1 dispenser for only £6 with every case of 1 litre cartridges

You can use this dispenser for Opus alcohol gels, liquid soaps, beaded gels and pastes, foam soaps etc in our 1 litre cartridges.

For use with Opus 1 litre (1000 ml) refill cartridges

Dimensions (without drip tray): H.27.5 cm x W.16 cm x D.10.5 cm

Drip Tray is an optional extra. Refills NOT included


£23.94 inc. VAT

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  • Tough and reliable.
  • Hygienic disposable pump and cartridge system
  • Includes mounting plate with tab feature for easy dispenser removal for cleaning
  • Pump engagement accepts choice of foam, alco-gel, lotion, grit/heavy duty soap, or spray
  • Secure trick lock
  • Clear window displays product and quantity remaining.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol-FREE Hand Sanitizer


Foam, Gel, Lotion


Cartridge Systems, Manual Systems

Manual Sanitizing Systems

Free-Hand Alcohol-Free, Free-Hand FOAM Alcohol-Free, Salvo-Gel, X-Gel 70

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