Opus NO-SEIZE Copper Anti-Seize – 12 x 400 ml aerosols NOS400A

Product Code: NOS400A
  • High temperature applications up to 800 degrees C. will be safe for further maintenance down the line! And with its specially designed formula, it will also reduce friction and optimize performance even through routine upkeep procedures. The superiority will show quickly–while other products may fail or seize up entirely, NO-SEIZE will remain a staple of any factory engineer’s tool kit.
  • Our careful formulation of oils prevents surfaces from sticking to each other and enables the threaded parts to be quickly loosened for removal. The properties of this lubricant prevent rust formation in even out-of-the-way places like gaskets, flanges and bolt threads that are subject to little movement.
  • INDUSTRIAL USES: Dies, die-casting machinery, stay bolts, stay tubes, burner assemblies, boiler and furnace fittings, compressor heads, engine casings etc
  • MARINE USES: Engine and deck fittings and fastenings.
  • CONSTRUCTION USES: Pipes and fittings; floor joists; heavy plate goods; bush patterns; bolting in general (to hold them firmly).
  • AUTOMOTIVE: Heat and pressure gaskets, hose coupling and hydraulic fittings, fuel injector nozzles, valve cages, pre-combustion chambers, brake assemblies, nuts, bolts, etc.
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Opus NO-SEIZE High Temperature Copper Anti-Seize

Case of 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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NO-SEIZE Copper Anti-Seize

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