Opus WORKFORCE PRO – 4 x 5 litre tubs PRO4X5LT

Product Code: PRO4X5LT

Opus WORKFORCE PRO heavy duty hand cleaner in a pack of 4 x 5 litre tubs.

Opus WORKFORCE PRO is formulated for heavy duty applications, such as the removal from the hands of oil and grease, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust etc.

Solvent-free, ultra-efficient off-white paste contains aloe vera for added skin protection.

Loved by engineers and mechanics.

  • WORKFORCE PRO is the latest addition to the Opus family, and is also available in a 1 & 4 litre cartridge system and a 15 litre pail.
  • Ultra-hygienic format, with no cross-contamination from other users.
  • Contains ground walnut shell as an eco-friendly scrubbing agent.
  • Opus WORKFORCE PRO is a powerful hand cleaning paste for removing the most stubborn industrial soiling.
  • Rapidly emulsifies all types of soiling to ensure effective cleaning.
  • Especially suitable for use in the automotive, construction, marine and metalworking industries.


This product is an alternative to the following:-

Deb Stoko SOLOPOL CLASSIC 4 x 4 litre Cartridges SOL2LT

Deb Stoko SOLOPOL CLASSIC 4 x 2 litre Cartridges SOL4LTR


*Maybe sent as 5L jerrycans depending on stock availability.



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Weight 21 kg

Heavy Duty


With Scrubbing Particles



Industrial Skin Cleansing

Workforce Pro (4.5/5)

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